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TILDA Textile Texture-Database

Version 1.0, 1996

TILDA is a Textile Texture Database which was developed within the framework of the working group Texture Analysis of the DFG`s (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) major research programme "Automatic Visual Inspection of Technical Objects". This working group developed and analysed methods which made it possible to recognise and distinguish textures of varying kinds.

A total of eight representative textile kinds were included in the database. Based on the analysis of textile atlases, seven error classes were defined. With the reference classification - a class of textiles without error - there exists therefore eight sorts of classes for each kind of textile.

For each of the above classes 50 TIF-pictures (768x512 pixel, greylevel image 8 bit) were acquired through relocation and rotation of the textile sample. The entire texture textile database consists of 3200 TIF pictures with a total size of 1.2 Gbyte.

For every picture in the TILDA database there exists an ASCII-file which briefly describes the error. There is a detailed description of the database in a PDF file by H. Schulz-Mirbach available (German only!): "Ein Referenzdatensatz zur Evaluierung von Sichtprüfungsverfahren für Textiloberflächen"

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