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Kinect Human Pose Datasets

In our recent publication we presented two datasets for Human Pose Estimation from RGBD. Here we release the Multi-View Kinect Dataset (MKV) and the Captury Dataset (CAP). Each sample provides:
- RGB image (1920x1080 pixels)
- Depth map (1920x1080 pixels)
- Infrared image (512x424 pixels)
- 3D Human Pose annotation (18 keypoints)
- 3D Kinect SDK Human Pose prediction (25 keypoints)
- Camera calibration
The zipped dataset bundle contains utility functions to read an image and show the annotation as well as the Kinect SDK prediction on the images. For additional information please visit our project page.



Terms of use

This dataset is provided for research purposes only and without any warranty. Any commercial use is prohibited. If you use the dataset or parts of it in your research, you must cite the respective paper.

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               Thomas Brox},
  title     = {3D Human Pose Estimation in {RGBD} Images for Robotic Task Learning},
  booktitle = {{IEEE} International Conference on Robotics and Automation, {ICRA}},
  year = {2018},
  url          = "https://lmb.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/projects/rgbd-pose3d/"


Download Kinect Datasets (~60 GB)


For questions about the dataset please contact Christian Zimmermann.