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Computer Vision
Computer Vision
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Specialization on Cognitive Technical Systems

Computer Vision is a vital part of the specialization Cognitive Technical Systems together with AI, robotics, machine learning, and graphics.

Winter Semester 2018/2019

Summer Semester 2018

Finished Student Projects

Daniel Gamallo: Tunnel detection in traffic infrastructure data (Master thesis, 2018)
Bandar Alsharif: Instance segmentation of moving objects including motion boundaries (Master thesis, 2018)
Mais Hanoon: Recognition of living and dead cells for automated cell sorting (Master thesis, 2018)
Syed Mohsin Ali: Uncertainty measurement for medical image segmentation with deep neural networks (Master thesis, 2018)
Akhil Thomas: Reinforcing monocular visual SLAM with deep learning (Master thesis, 2018)
Muazzam Ali: RGB-D scene flow with deep convolutional neural networks (Master thesis, 2018)
Kamaljeet Singh: Future forecasting on deep representations in videos (Master thesis, 2018)
Dominik Finke: Predicting bone age on x-ray images using deep learning (Master thesis, 2018)
Lukas Vögtle: Convolutional networks with hierarchical attention for high resolution images (Master thesis 2018)
Silvio Galesso: Integrating uncertainty estimation for optical flow with convolutional neural networks (Master project 2018)
Hannes Horneber: Instance segmentation of single trees with uncertainty estimation using deep learning methods (Master thesis 2018)
Zhishang Wang: Evaluation of differnt optical flow estimation methods in hard cases (Master project 2018)
Osama Makansi: Augmenting FlowNet with real-world training data (Master thesis 2018)
Lukas Wiens: Implementierung der Octree Generating Networks Deep-Learning Architektur in TensorFlow (Bachelor thesis 2018)
Ehsan Amiri: Automated orientation annotation for ModelNet (Master project 2018)
Aditya Bhatt: Effects of Monte Carlo targets in reinforcement learning for continuous control (Master project 2018)
Amanullah Tariq: Model pruning in convolutional encoder-decoder networks (Master thesis 2018)
Kangkan Jyothi Baradwaj: HDR image fusion with deep networks (Master project 2018)
Bandar Al Shareef: Package segmentation and fingerprint matching with convolutional neural networks (Master project 2018)
Zaid Ur Rehman: Peptide detection using convolutional neural networks (Master thesis 2018)
Markus Frey: Probabilistic deep learning for visual inspection (Master thesis 2017)
Christopher Krolla: Durchmesserbestimmung von Bäumen mit Hilfe neuronaler Netzwerke (Bachelor thesis 2017)
Ahmed Osman: Dual recurrent attention units for visual question answering (Master thesis 2017)
Thomas Leyh: Predicting spread prices on VIX futures with deep learning (Bachelor thesis 2017)
Yufeng Xiong: Deep network analysis and visualization (Master project 2017)
Tonmoy Saikia: Multi-frame FlowNets for action recognition (Master thesis 2017)
Akshata Bhat: Representation learning via unsupervised deep learning for diabetic retinopathy detection (Master thesis 2017)
Hannes Horneber: Detection of standing and lying dead trees with RGB+NIR orthomosaics and digital surface models (Master project 2017)
Denis Tananaev: Structure from motion with recurrent neural networks (Master thesis 2017)
Vladislav Tananaev: Semantic segmentation in point clouds with deep networks (Master thesis 2017)
Chaithanya Kumar Mummadi: Adversarial examples for deep semantic segmentation networks (Master thesis 2017)
Manuel Ruder: Fast video style transfer (Master thesis 2017)
Ludwig Striet: Gradient descent for a modified objective (Master project 2017)
Lukas Halbritter: Evaluation of dataset characteristics for training deep networks (Bachelor thesis 2017)
Markus Frey: Camera calibration in triangulation setups affected by plane parallel plate refractions (Master project 2017)
Tonmoy Saikia: Training FlowNet for action recognition (Master project 2017)
Ahmed Osman: 3D Object Detection Using Orientation-Aware Convolutional Neural Networks (Master project 2017)
Ricardo Schwarz: Automatisierte Erkennung, Klassifizierung und Auswertung von lokalen Defekten auf Freiformflächen mittels deflektometrischer Messdaten (Master thesis 2016)
Jan Sosulski: Particle tracking using recurrent neural networks (Master project 2016)
Akshata Bhat: Prediction of rats paw movement and interpretation of motor cortex activity at reach (Master project 2016)
Martin März: Semantische Segmentierung von Straßenbestandsobjekten in RGB-Bildern unterstützt durch Tiefeninformationen mittels Convolutional Neural Networks (Master thesis 2016)
Ingo Killmann: Solder joint quality control with convolutional networks (Master thesis 2016)
Nikolas Holland: Refining optical flow estimates with trainable nonlinear reaction diffusion (Master thesis 2016)
Manuel Bühler: Egomotion from optical flow (Lab course 2016)
Christof Schötz: Concentration inequalities and applications to machine learning (Master thesis 2016)
Manuel Ruder: Artistic style transfer for videos (Master project 2016)
Andreas Behr: Zellschicht- und Strangklassifikation im iRoCS Koordinatensystem mit Hilfe diskreter Graphoptimierung und Spectral Clustering (Master thesis 2016)
Michael Rudolph: Automatic Chord Transcription on a Mobile Phone using Convolutional Neuronal Networks (Master project 2016)
Maxim Tatarchenko: Generating unseen views of objects with convolutional networks (Master thesis 2015)
Nicolas Holland: Is total variation the best regularizer for segmentation? (Master project 2015)
Raphael Smolik: Segmentierung von Graphen mithilfe von primal-duale Algorithmen auf der GPU (Bachelor thesis 2015)
Andre Ortmann: 2D human pose estimation using spatial and temporal constraints (Master thesis 2015)
Raphael Schmitt: Image stack registration with a pairwise data term (Master thesis 2015)
Tim Fischer: Evaluation of image classification approaches on conveyable goods using depth images (Master thesis 2015)
Christof Schötz: Probabilistic line search for convolutional network training (Master project 2015)
Janosch Scharlipp: Convolutional Networks for Furneer Classification (Master thesis 2015)
Gerd-Emmanuel Nandzik: Bilevel Optimierung der Interpolationsmaske für die Bildkompression (Bachelor thesis 2015)
Maxim Tatarchenko: Automated anthropometric measurements with a consumer depth camera (Master project 2015)
Markus Frey: Fully automatic calibration of multiple cameras with bundle adjustment (lab course 2015)
Lukas Vögtle: Global and Instance-based Hyperparameter Optimization for Large Displacement Optical Flow (Bachelor thesis 2015)
Lukas Brendle: Influence of scale on neural network training and testing (Bachelor thesis 2015)
Thomas Rinklin: Motion segmentation with track repair (Master thesis 2014)
Maxim Tatarchenko: Determining motion boundaries from image boundaries using deep descriptor matching (lab course 2014)
Salem Dekelbab: Hierarchical conditional random fields for partitioning of mast cells (Master thesis 2014)
Thomas Rinklin: Continuation of point trajectories through occlusions (Master project 2014)
Nikolaus Mayer: Coupling ICP and whole image alignment for camera tracking (Master thesis 2014)
Johanna Götz: Detektion von Fingerkuppen (Bachelor thesis 2014)
Jan Mattner: Unsupervised learning of a hierarchy of invariant features from videos (Master thesis 2013)
Markus Frey: Schnelles Kameratracking mit Autokalibrierung auf planaren Oberflächen (Bachelor thesis 2013)
Markus Näther: Visuelles Tracken von Nagerfüßen (Bachelor thesis 2013)
Nikolaus Mayer: Globally consistent scene reconstruction from depth maps (Master project 2013)
Daniel Jäckle: Unsupervised learning of viewpoint invariant detectors from video using sparse auto-encoders (Master project 2013)
Jan Mattner: Unsupervised feature learning using a hierarchy of convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machines (Master project 2013)
Nikolas Engelhard: The interactive sandbox: a novel gaming environment (Master thesis 2013)
Eddy Ilg: Optical flow augmented laser range scans of moving objects (Master thesis 2013)
Tobias Wieland: Zwei Segmentierungsverfahren im Vergleich (lab course 2013)
Alejandro Alfaro Arrieta: Interactive camera tracking from dense depth maps on the GPU (Master thesis 2013)
Tatiana Jimenez Cardenas: Training pose specific detectors (Master thesis 2013)
Michael Keiser: Efficient semi-global matching for videos from a handheld camera (Master thesis 2012)
Patric Tippmann: An object detector trained on line drawings (Bachelor thesis 2012)
Mauricio Munoz: Generalization properties of patch representations for video segmentation (Bachelor thesis 2012)
Raphael Schmitt: Matlab volume renderer (lab course 2012)
Martin Senk: Computer controlled cat flap with mouse recognition (Master thesis 2012)
Alejandro Alfaro: GPU programming - sparse labeling goes dense (Master project 2012)
Eddy Ilg: Automatic subpixel accurate position recognition from images of commercially available rulers (Master project 2012)
Tatiana Jimenez Cardenas: Deep structures for a latent SVM object detection model (Master project 2012)
Emanuel Koziolek: Bewertung von PL-Strukturen in multikristallinen Silizium-Wafern anhand der ortsaufgeösten Dunkelsättigungsstromdichte (Master thesis 2012)
Martin Senk: Patch matching for repairing trajectories (team project 2011)
Martin Senk: Semi-global Matching on the GPU (lab course 2011)
Tatiana Jimenez Cardenas: Three-layer Latent-SVM (lab course 2011)
Alejandro Alfaro: Variational label interpolation on the GPU (lab course 2011)
Thomas Rinklin: Identifying spatially consistent point correspondences by finding maximal cliques in graphs (lab course 2011)
Daniel Kuhner: Fast rotation invariant features on the GPU (lab course 2011)
Benjamin Ummenhofer: Large displacement optical flow for volumetric image sequences (Master thesis 2011)

Semesters before 2011 (Prof. Burkhardt)