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Computer Vision is part of the Artificial Intelligence specialization in the Master program in Computer Science.

Summer Semester 2024

Winter Semester 2023/2024

Finished Student Projects

Gregor Stief: Tracking of Tunneling Nanotubes in Reflection Microscopy Time-Series (Master thesis, 2024)
Mohammad Qalaji: Utilizing Causal Models to Identify Key Factors Influencing Failures in Production Environments (Master thesis, 2024)
Alen Nasic: Automatic Mitochondria Segmentation via Transfer Learning (Master project, 2024)
Ahmet Selim Canakci: Visually Guided Natural Sound Generation (Master project, 2024)
Apurna Shrikar: Identification and classification of driving maneuvers based on real-world sensor data in the context of autonomous driving (Master thesis, 2024)
Jayesh Santosh Tawade: Refining Robotic Motions for Visual Servoing with Long-Horizon Tasks (Master thesis, 2024)
Michael Unger: Edge Detection for High-Speed On-the-Fly Laser Processing of Solar Cells (Master thesis, 2024)
Tom Wellinger: Bootstrapping Single-view Depth Estimation via Multi-view Depth Estimation (Master thesis, 2024)
Bijay Gurung: Long-term Video Sequence Retrieval (Master project, 2024)
Nirupama Vinayakumar Nair: Domain Adaptation using Image Translation Methods for Crop Row Detection (Master thesis, 2024)
Bashar Alshahab: Caiman parameter optimization (Bachelor thesis, 2024)
Vasudha Venkatesan: Synthetic-to-relistic translation of aerial imagery while maintaining stereo constraints based on deep learning techniques (Master thesis, 2024)
Lennart Elbe: Lesions Localization in Head CT Images with Vision-Text Contrastive Learning (Bachelor thesis, 2023)
Abdul Rahman El Kebbi: Photovoltaic Solar Panels Yield Prediction from Satellite Images (Master thesis, 2023)
Furkan Kara: Facilitating Energy Consultancy through Active Learning in Image-Based Assessment (Master thesis, 2023)
Johannes Krautheimer: Entwicklung eines Algorithmus zur automatischen Auswertung geometrischer Parameter aus 3D Punktwolken (Bachelor thesis, 2023)
Nisarga Nilavadi Chandregowda: Human Pose Dynamics and Trajectory Prediction for Mobile Robots (Master thesis, 2023)
Nadja Gahl: Automatisierte Muster- und Zyklenerkennung in Zeitreihen von batchbetriebenen verfahrenstechnischen Anlagen (Master thesis, 2023)
Ayushi Sharma: Improving Visual Grouping and Visual-Text Alignment for Open-Vocabulary Segmentation (Master thesis, 2023)
Muhammad Kashan Karim: Prior austenite grain boundary detection using supervised semantic segmentation and semi-supervised domain adaptation (Master thesis, 2023)
Saiprasad Govind Barke: Analysing Multi-view Depth Estimation in a Common Framework (Master thesis, 2023)
Amadeus Hovekamp: Efficient Power Grid Mapping Using Top-Down Imagery and Computer Vision (Master thesis, 2023)
Louis Ngo: Self-Supervised Learning for Medical Image Analysis (Master project, 2023)
Mehran Ahkami: Investigating the Impact of the Stem on Model Robustness (Master thesis, 2023)
Karim Farid: Latent Diffusion Counterfactual Explanations (Master project, 2023)
Arian Mousakhan: Anomaly Detection via Denoising Diffusion Models (Master thesis, 2023)
Stanley George: DeepCrackInspect: Unsupervised Detection Of Micro-Cracks Under UV Light Using Deep Learning (Master thesis, 2023)
Giulio Neusch-Frediani: Data efficient instance segmentation for industrial vision systems (Master thesis, 2023)
Sai Bharath Chandra Gutha: 3D Object Detection for Mobile Robotic Applications (Master thesis, 2023)
Youssef Nassar: Improving Pedestrian Detection by using Domain Adaptation between Real and Simulated Data (Master thesis, 2023)
Simon Traub: Industrial Anomaly Detection on an Embedded Device (Master thesis, 2023)
Prathamesh Satish Deshpande: Hardware-aware Optimization of Machine Learning-based Processing of Time-of-Flight Sensor Data (Master thesis, 2023)
Furkan Kara: Estimation of building properties using deep learning: Building height, roof type, window count (Master project, 2023)
Abdul Rahman ElKebbi: Photovoltaic Solar Panels and Forest Segmentation from Aerial Satellite Images (Master project, 2023)
Gregor Stief: Object reconstruction from a top bin view (Master project, 2023)
Tom Wellinger: Evaluation and Fusion of Local and Global Shape Priors in Single-view 3D Reconstruction (Master project, 2023)
Tjark Behrens: Analysis of Occupancy Ratios for Implicit Functions in Single-View 3D Reconstruction (Bachelor thesis, 2023)
Julia Mertesdorf: Self-Supervised Video Perception (Master thesis, 2023)
Salem Ayadi: Indoor Visual Localization in Spatial World Models (Master thesis, 2023)
Johannes Ruf: Hierachical feature-based Video Question Answering (Master thesis, 2023)
Narges Dastanpour Hosseinabadi: Segmentation and Classification on Automotive Radar Data (Master thesis, 2023)
Muhammad Irfan: Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Object Detection Using Faster R-CNN (Master thesis, 2023)
Lintao Fang: Fish Motion Approximation using ML-based Relative Depth Estimation and Object Tracking (Master thesis, 2023)
Luzia Rabald: Analyse und Anwendung von Feature Points zur Realisierung eines Augmented Reality Remote Supports (Bachelor thesis, 2023)
Hssan Driss: Improving pixel-wise out-of-distribution detection with subjective logic and variational approximations (Master thesis, 2023)
Hakan Sarp Aydemir: Semantic Segmentation and Object Tracking for Elongated Macrophage Cells (Master thesis, 2022)
Anna Khatyreva: Unsupervised Industrial Anomaly Detection Using Multiple Perspectives of a Free-Falling Object (Master thesis, 2022)
Johannes Dienert: Imitating the dynamics of nanoscopic myocardial cell structures with GANs (Master thesis, 2022)
Robin Pr�llochs: Explicit Retrieval Priors for Single View 3D Reconstruction (Master thesis, 2022)
Niket Ahuja: Analysis of Neural Network Architectures for Continual Learning (Master thesis, 2022)
Simon G�lzh�user: ANNs for Energy Efficient Heat Pump Control (Master thesis, 2022)
Abhijeet Nayak: Skill Transfer by Recombining Demonstration Trajectories (Master project, 2022)
Mohamed Ibrahim: Combining Deep Learning with Ecology: Bee Detection with YOLOv5 (Master project, 2022)
Arian Mousakhan: Unsupervised Anomaly Detection and Localization for Microprocessors (Master project, 2022)
Sai Bharath Chandra Gutha: Fine grained Image classification with Concept Transformers (Master project, 2022)
Tushar Maske: Unsupervised Depth Estimation using Monocular Camera Images (Master thesis, 2022)
Mariana Ferrandon Cervantes: Implementation of a Practical Deep Learning-based Self-Supervised Framework for the Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation Task (Master thesis, 2022)
Julia Mertesdorf: Do video representation learning methods actually look for motion? A study on motion understanding via static bias reduction (Master project, 2022)
Mehdi Naouar: Exploiting feature diversity for anomaly segmentation with transformer based models (Master project, 2022)
Anna Stroganova: Multimodal attribute learning (Master thesis, 2022)
Tabet Ehsainieh: Hand Detection Of Reaching Into Storage Boxes (Bachelor thesis, 2022)
Felix Jablonksi: Improving Clip-Sentence Retrieval with COOT using large-scale noisy-aligned Training Data (Master thesis, 2022)
Roya Rahimzadeh: Detecting Defective Solar Cells from Electroluminescence Images using Deep Learning (Master thesis, 2022)
Rishabh Jain: Self-supervised Learning for Label-Efficient 3D Object Detection (Master thesis, 2022)
Doga Can �ner: Microscopic analysis of solar cells without a microscope - a deep learning approach (Master thesis, 2022)
Johannes Dienert: Segmentation of knots in computed tomography scans of beech logs (Master project, 2022)
Hssan Driss and Salem Ayadi: Addressing long tailed distributions in multimodal future prediction (Master project, 2022)
Muhammad Irfan: Does supervised contrastive learning help improve robustness? (Master project, 2022)
Yigit Y�kselen: High Precise Localization Based on Non-Semantic Camera Features (Master thesis, 2022)
Leonhard Sommer: From Pixel Matching to Dynamic Rigid Objects (Master thesis, 2022)
Kai Haase: Global Context for Kidney Stone Segmentation using PatchWork (Master thesis, 2022)
Anna Khatyreva: Dental reconstruction and completion with deep learning (Master project, 2022)
Kinan Alzouabi: Contrastive Multi-Modal Learning for Cranial CT Scan Analysis (Master thesis, 2022)
Saurav Shanu: Monocular 3D Object Detection and Bird's Eye View Generation in Driving Scenarios (Master thesis, 2022)
Prashanth Pottabattini: Identification of sticking points in epitaxially grown sandwich wafers (Master thesis, 2021)
Anna Stroganova: Importance of Language Model in Historical Handwritten Text Recognition (Master project, 2021)
Chengxin Wang: Robustness Evaluation of Deep Neural Networks with Black-box Adversarial Attacks on Videos (Master thesis, 2021)
Sergio Izquierdo: Conditional Servoing for Vision Based Manipulation (Master thesis, 2021)
Julia Guerrero: Improving Deep Feature Representations for Self-Supervised Training of Disparity Estimation (Master thesis, 2021)
Shashank Agnihotri: Towards improving OOD robustness of small neural networks (Master thesis, 2021)
Debayan Sen: OptiCork: A Segmentation-Based Computer Vision Approach for detecting anomalies on Cork Disk Surfaces (Master thesis, 2021)
Constantin Wittig: Role of negative samples in unsupervised contrastive learning of visual representations (Master thesis, 2021)
Thomas K�tzner: Object Dimensioning in Cluttered Scenes with Deep Learning based Image and Point Cloud Fusion (Master thesis, 2021)
Saurav Shanu: Learning a Stixel World with Deep Networks (Master project, 2021)
Erisa Zarghami: Input data difficulty assessment for DNNs with autonomous driving systems (Master thesis, 2021)
Anupam Kakkar: Identifying Components for Energy System Planning by Instance Segmentation of Street-View Images (Master thesis, 2021)
Guilherme Miotto: Measuring the Volume of Liquid Jets with Computer Vision - An Approach using Deep Learning and Synthetic Data (Master thesis, 2021)
Simon Ging: Applying Hierarchical Representations from Video Retrieval to Video Captioning (Master thesis, 2021)
Jacob Maxam: Automatische Asterkennung in Buchenholz mithilfe von Deep Learning (Bachelor thesis, 2021)
Philipp Fr�gel: Comparison of methods for anomaly detection (Bachelor thesis, 2021)
Mohsen Mohammadi Kharkeshi: Digital Assessment of Honey Bee Brood Development (Master thesis 2021)
Simon Schrodi: What Causes Optical Flow Networks to be Vulnerable to Physical Adversarial Attacks (Master project, 2021)
Dejan Kostyszyn: Automatic segmentation of medical images and quality ensurance of such segmentations with a conditional generative adversarial network (Master thesis, 2021)
Michel Dehn: Introducing shape priors into a segmentation network via a GAN architecture (Bachelor thesis, 2021)
Julia Guererro: Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation for Disparity Estimation with DispNet (Master project, 2021)
Sergio Izquierdo: Deep Feature Reconstruction for Disparity Estimation with DispNet (Master project, 2021)
Julian Stock: Multi-Object-Tracking in Drohnenvideos (Master thesis, 2021)
Hanna Siemund: Comparison of Unsupervised Learning Methods to Boost 3D Pose Estimation in a Semi-supervised Setting (Master thesis, 2021)
Shashank Agnihotri: Study on effects of pruning on the generalisation of a small network (Master project, 2021)
Philipp Jund: Semi-Supervised Learning for Object Detection (Master thesis, 2021)
Constantin Wittig: Consistency-based Semi-supervised Object Detection (Master project, 2021) Rabea Turon: Instance Segmentation of Partial Roof Areas for the Computation of Photovoltaic Potentials (Master thesis, 2021)
Jasper Hoffmann: Analyzing Interference in Temporal Differencing (Master thesis, 2020)
Nima Riahidehkordi: Deep Metric Learning for Vulnerable Road Users in the Context of Autonomous Driving (Master thesis, 2020)
Vanditha Rao: Comparison of Different Explainable Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Explainability in Skin Lesion Classification (Master thesis, 2020)
Joshua Heipel: Investigating a hybrid neural network for video frame prediction and optical flow estimation (Bachelor thesis 2020)
Lukas Boschert: Generalization on unseen objects in 6D pose estimation (Master thesis 2020)
Shardul Deshpande: Sequential fusion of camera based semantic-instance segmentation with LiDAR for autonomous driving (Master thesis 2020)
Jatin Dhawan: Analysing, evaluating and optimizing a motion capture process for an efficient ergonomic workplace rating in industry assembly (Master thesis 2020)
Simon Selg: Enabling and analyzing mixed precision training in convolutional neural networks (Bachelor thesis 2020)
Enid Vyshka: Semantic segmentation of material defects on fracture surfaces using convolutional neural networks (Master thesis 2020)
Leslie Kurumundayil: Denoising of diamond wire sawn wafers using generative adversarial networks (Master thesis 2020)
Jakob Stigler: A CNN based blind approach to lossy image compression artefact reduction (Master thesis 2020)
Bhavana Rebba: Silicon material rating in photovoltaics: optimizing feature learning and IV prediction (Master thesis 2020)
Mohamed Salou: Unsupervised adaptation from ToF to stereo (Master thesis 2020)
Lukas Froese: Fehlerklassifikation in Tiefenmessungen mittels Convolutional Neural Networks (Master thesis 2020)
Syed Kirmani: Evaluation of state-of-the-art CNNs for the segmentation of organs at risk in radiotherapy treatment planning (Master thesis 2019)
Malte Kracht: Erkennung farbiger Objekte in Weitwinkelbildern (Bachelor thesis 2019)
Andres Munoz Garza: Multi-variate temporal GAN for large scale video generation (Master thesis 2019)
Usman Ahmed: Synthetic-to-real image to image translation for 6D pose estimation (Master thesis 2019)
Sumit Shinde: Deep learning CNN approach and image feature extraction for automotive exhaust system components's cost estimation (Master thesis 2019)
Olesya Tsapenko: Multi-modal point cloud colorization using sparse convolutions (Master thesis 2019)
Ammar Nayal: Sub-pixel accurate coordinate regression for image and laser calibration in solar cell production (Master thesis 2019)
Jakob Stigler: Comparing Performance of Different Convolution Methods for Deep Neuronal Networks on Occluded Datasets (Master project 2019)
Miray Y�ce: Active learning for object detection (Master thesis 2019)
Badhreesh M Rao: Adversarial domain adaptation in deep reinforcement learning (Master thesis 2019)
Jasper Hoffmann: Distributional Reward Estimation in Deep Reinforcement Learning (Master projekt 2019)
Salih Hasan Siddiqi: Learning video representations for deep reinforcement learning based movie recommender systems (Master thesis 2019)
Diane Wagner: Hyperparameter optimization for biomedical image analysis with deep neural networks (Bachelor thesis 2019)
Ehsan Amiri: Class-agnostic global box regression (Master thesis 2019)
Andres Munoz Garza: Using motion and appearance for video understanding (Master project 2019)
Zhishang Wang: Quantifying and improving CNN robustness against common image degradations (Master thesis 2019)
Jose Araya Martinez: Trade-off optimization between accuracy and FLOPs for DispNetC (Master thesis 2019)
Silvio Galesso: Extending FlowNet to integrate past information through standard and probabilistic approaches (Master thesis 2019)
Aditya Bhatt: Stabilizing off-policy TD with feature normalization (Master thesis 2019)
William Weigold: FPGA implementations of neural networks for scene augmentation with a TOF camera on AGVs (Master thesis 2019)
Manika Arora: Forecasting stock markets using textual data (Master thesis 2019)
Kangkan Bharadwaj: Learning depth-based semantic segmentation of street scenes (Master thesis 2018)
Jan Bechtold: 3D object detection using tangent convolutions (Master thesis 2018)
Daniel Gamallo: Tunnel detection in traffic infrastructure data (Master thesis 2018)
Bandar Alsharif: Instance segmentation of moving objects including motion boundaries (Master thesis 2018)
Mais Hanoon: Recognition of living and dead cells for automated cell sorting (Master thesis 2018)
Syed Mohsin Ali: Uncertainty measurement for medical image segmentation with deep neural networks (Master thesis 2018)
Akhil Thomas: Reinforcing monocular visual SLAM with deep learning (Master thesis 2018)
Muazzam Ali: RGB-D scene flow with deep convolutional neural networks (Master thesis 2018)
Kamaljeet Singh: Future forecasting on deep representations in videos (Master thesis 2018)
Dominik Finke: Predicting bone age on x-ray images using deep learning (Master thesis 2018)
Lukas V�gtle: Convolutional networks with hierarchical attention for high resolution images (Master thesis 2018)
Silvio Galesso: Integrating uncertainty estimation for optical flow with convolutional neural networks (Master project 2018)
Hannes Horneber: Instance segmentation of single trees with uncertainty estimation using deep learning methods (Master thesis 2018)
Zhishang Wang: Evaluation of differnt optical flow estimation methods in hard cases (Master project 2018)
Osama Makansi: Augmenting FlowNet with real-world training data (Master thesis 2018)
Lukas Wiens: Implementierung der Octree Generating Networks Deep-Learning Architektur in TensorFlow (Bachelor thesis 2018)
Ehsan Amiri: Automated orientation annotation for ModelNet (Master project 2018)
Aditya Bhatt: Effects of Monte Carlo targets in reinforcement learning for continuous control (Master project 2018)
Amanullah Tariq: Model pruning in convolutional encoder-decoder networks (Master thesis 2018)
Kangkan Jyothi Baradwaj: HDR image fusion with deep networks (Master project 2018)
Bandar Al Shareef: Package segmentation and fingerprint matching with convolutional neural networks (Master project 2018)
Zaid Ur Rehman: Peptide detection using convolutional neural networks (Master thesis 2018)
Markus Frey: Probabilistic deep learning for visual inspection (Master thesis 2017)
Christopher Krolla: Durchmesserbestimmung von B�umen mit Hilfe neuronaler Netzwerke (Bachelor thesis 2017)
Ahmed Osman: Dual recurrent attention units for visual question answering (Master thesis 2017)
Thomas Leyh: Predicting spread prices on VIX futures with deep learning (Bachelor thesis 2017)
Yufeng Xiong: Deep network analysis and visualization (Master project 2017)
Tonmoy Saikia: Multi-frame FlowNets for action recognition (Master thesis 2017)
Akshata Bhat: Representation learning via unsupervised deep learning for diabetic retinopathy detection (Master thesis 2017)
Hannes Horneber: Detection of standing and lying dead trees with RGB+NIR orthomosaics and digital surface models (Master project 2017)
Denis Tananaev: Structure from motion with recurrent neural networks (Master thesis 2017)
Vladislav Tananaev: Semantic segmentation in point clouds with deep networks (Master thesis 2017)
Chaithanya Kumar Mummadi: Adversarial examples for deep semantic segmentation networks (Master thesis 2017)
Manuel Ruder: Fast video style transfer (Master thesis 2017)
Ludwig Striet: Gradient descent for a modified objective (Master project 2017)
Lukas Halbritter: Evaluation of dataset characteristics for training deep networks (Bachelor thesis 2017)
Markus Frey: Camera calibration in triangulation setups affected by plane parallel plate refractions (Master project 2017)
Tonmoy Saikia: Training FlowNet for action recognition (Master project 2017)
Ahmed Osman: 3D Object Detection Using Orientation-Aware Convolutional Neural Networks (Master project 2017)
Ricardo Schwarz: Automatisierte Erkennung, Klassifizierung und Auswertung von lokalen Defekten auf Freiformfl�chen mittels deflektometrischer Messdaten (Master thesis 2016)
Jan Sosulski: Particle tracking using recurrent neural networks (Master project 2016)
Akshata Bhat: Prediction of rats paw movement and interpretation of motor cortex activity at reach (Master project 2016)
Martin M�rz: Semantische Segmentierung von Strassenbestandsobjekten in RGB-Bildern unterst�tzt durch Tiefeninformationen mittels Convolutional Neural Networks (Master thesis 2016)
Ingo Killmann: Solder joint quality control with convolutional networks (Master thesis 2016)
Nikolas Holland: Refining optical flow estimates with trainable nonlinear reaction diffusion (Master thesis 2016)
Manuel B�hler: Egomotion from optical flow (Lab course 2016)
Christof Sch�tz: Concentration inequalities and applications to machine learning (Master thesis 2016)
Manuel Ruder: Artistic style transfer for videos (Master project 2016)
Andreas Behr: Zellschicht- und Strangklassifikation im iRoCS Koordinatensystem mit Hilfe diskreter Graphoptimierung und Spectral Clustering (Master thesis 2016)
Michael Rudolph: Automatic Chord Transcription on a Mobile Phone using Convolutional Neuronal Networks (Master project 2016)
Maxim Tatarchenko: Generating unseen views of objects with convolutional networks (Master thesis 2015)
Nicolas Holland: Is total variation the best regularizer for segmentation? (Master project 2015)
Raphael Smolik: Segmentierung von Graphen mithilfe von primal-duale Algorithmen auf der GPU (Bachelor thesis 2015)
Andre Ortmann: 2D human pose estimation using spatial and temporal constraints (Master thesis 2015)
Raphael Schmitt: Image stack registration with a pairwise data term (Master thesis 2015)
Tim Fischer: Evaluation of image classification approaches on conveyable goods using depth images (Master thesis 2015)
Christof Sch�tz: Probabilistic line search for convolutional network training (Master project 2015)
Janosch Scharlipp: Convolutional Networks for Furneer Classification (Master thesis 2015)
Gerd-Emmanuel Nandzik: Bilevel Optimierung der Interpolationsmaske f�r die Bildkompression (Bachelor thesis 2015)
Maxim Tatarchenko: Automated anthropometric measurements with a consumer depth camera (Master project 2015)
Markus Frey: Fully automatic calibration of multiple cameras with bundle adjustment (lab course 2015)
Lukas V�gtle: Global and Instance-based Hyperparameter Optimization for Large Displacement Optical Flow (Bachelor thesis 2015)
Lukas Brendle: Influence of scale on neural network training and testing (Bachelor thesis 2015)
Thomas Rinklin: Motion segmentation with track repair (Master thesis 2014)
Maxim Tatarchenko: Determining motion boundaries from image boundaries using deep descriptor matching (lab course 2014)
Salem Dekelbab: Hierarchical conditional random fields for partitioning of mast cells (Master thesis 2014)
Thomas Rinklin: Continuation of point trajectories through occlusions (Master project 2014)
Nikolaus Mayer: Coupling ICP and whole image alignment for camera tracking (Master thesis 2014)
Johanna G�tz: Detektion von Fingerkuppen (Bachelor thesis 2014)
Jan Mattner: Unsupervised learning of a hierarchy of invariant features from videos (Master thesis 2013)
Markus Frey: Schnelles Kameratracking mit Autokalibrierung auf planaren Oberfl�chen (Bachelor thesis 2013)
Markus N�ther: Visuelles Tracken von Nagerf��en (Bachelor thesis 2013)
Nikolaus Mayer: Globally consistent scene reconstruction from depth maps (Master project 2013)
Daniel J�ckle: Unsupervised learning of viewpoint invariant detectors from video using sparse auto-encoders (Master project 2013)
Jan Mattner: Unsupervised feature learning using a hierarchy of convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machines (Master project 2013)
Nikolas Engelhard: The interactive sandbox: a novel gaming environment (Master thesis 2013)
Eddy Ilg: Optical flow augmented laser range scans of moving objects (Master thesis 2013)
Tobias Wieland: Zwei Segmentierungsverfahren im Vergleich (lab course 2013)
Alejandro Alfaro Arrieta: Interactive camera tracking from dense depth maps on the GPU (Master thesis 2013)
Tatiana Jimenez Cardenas: Training pose specific detectors (Master thesis 2013)
Michael Keiser: Efficient semi-global matching for videos from a handheld camera (Master thesis 2012)
Patric Tippmann: An object detector trained on line drawings (Bachelor thesis 2012)
Mauricio Munoz: Generalization properties of patch representations for video segmentation (Bachelor thesis 2012)
Raphael Schmitt: Matlab volume renderer (lab course 2012)
Martin Senk: Computer controlled cat flap with mouse recognition (Master thesis 2012)
Alejandro Alfaro: GPU programming - sparse labeling goes dense (Master project 2012)
Eddy Ilg: Automatic subpixel accurate position recognition from images of commercially available rulers (Master project 2012)
Tatiana Jimenez Cardenas: Deep structures for a latent SVM object detection model (Master project 2012)
Emanuel Koziolek: Bewertung von PL-Strukturen in multikristallinen Silizium-Wafern anhand der ortsaufgel�sten Dunkels�ttigungsstromdichte (Master thesis 2012)
Martin Senk: Patch matching for repairing trajectories (team project 2011)
Martin Senk: Semi-global Matching on the GPU (lab course 2011)
Tatiana Jimenez Cardenas: Three-layer Latent-SVM (lab course 2011)
Alejandro Alfaro: Variational label interpolation on the GPU (lab course 2011)
Thomas Rinklin: Identifying spatially consistent point correspondences by finding maximal cliques in graphs (lab course 2011)
Daniel Kuhner: Fast rotation invariant features on the GPU (lab course 2011)
Benjamin Ummenhofer: Large displacement optical flow for volumetric image sequences (Master thesis 2011)

Semesters before 2011 (Prof. Burkhardt)