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Freiburg-Berkeley Motion Segmentation Dataset
Video Segmentation Benchmark
Image Sequences
TEM Dataset
TILDA Textile Texture Database
Training data for Exemplar CNN
Generated Matching Dataset
Training data for chair generation
Stereo Ego-motion Dataset
Optical Flow Datasets: "Flying Chairs", "ChairsSDHom"
Scene Flow Datasets
Human Part Segmentation Datasets  
Rendered Handpose Dataset
Pedestrian Zone Scene
FreiHAND Dataset
HanCo Dataset
Human Pose RGBD Datasets

Segmentation Dataset for Transmission Electron Microscopic Cell Recordings

Terms of use

The dataset is provided for research purposes. Any commercial use is prohibited. When using the dataset in your research work, you should cite the following paper:

Volker Morath, Margret Keuper, Marta Rodriguez-Franco, Sumit Deswal, Gina Fiala, Britta Blumenthal, Daniel Kaschek, Jens Timmer, Gunther Neuhaus, Olaf Ronneberger, Wolfgang Werner A. Schamel: Semi-automatic procedure for the determination of the cell surface area used in systems immunology, Frontiers in Biosciences, 2012 (in press).

Download BMMC dataset (32.8MB)
Download BMMC segmentations (223.2KB)

Download Jurkat Cell dataset (102.6MB)
Download Jurkat Cell segmentations (612.7KB)

Download Primary Mouse B Cell dataset (92.2MB)
Download Primary Mouse B Cell segmentations (578.4KB)

Download Primary Human B Cell dataset (87.7MB)
Download Primary Human B Cell segmentations (668.8KB)

Download J558L dataset (86.2MB)
Download J558L segmentations (486.0KB)

Download Human Blast dataset (83.1MB)
Download Human Blast segmentations (374.5.0KB)