Multiview deblurring for 3-D images from light sheet based fluorescence microscopy

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 21(4): 1863-1873, 2012
Abstract: We propose an algorithm for 3-D multiview deblurring using spatially variant point spread functions (PSFs). The algorithm is applied to multiview reconstruction of volumetric microscopy images. It includes registration and estimation of the PSFs using irregularly placed point-markers (beads). We formulate multiview deblurring as an energy minimization problem subject to L1-regularization. Optimization is based on the regularized Lucy-Richardson algorithm, which we extend to deal with our more general model. The model parameters are chosen in a profound way by optimizing them on a realistic training set. We quantitatively and qualitatively compare to existing methods and show that our method provides better signal-to-noise ratio and increases the resolution of the reconstructed images.
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