spherical bessel filter for 3d object detection

H. Skibbe, M. Reisert, Olaf Ronneberger, Hans Burkhardt
IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI): 728--733, 2011
Abstract: The detection of 3D objects and landmarks in arbitrary orientations is one of the most challenging tasks in biomedical 3D image analysis. In this paper we introduce the spherical Bessel Filter (BF) for rotation invariant 3D object detection tasks. The BF is based on the Harmonic Filter (HF) and thus inherits all the gentle properties of the HF, in particular the data driven adaptability and the processing speed. In contrast to the HF the BF benefits from a better object representation based on local spherical Fourier basis functions leading to noticeably better object detections and localizations.
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