Bachelor Project on Image Processing

Bachelor studies, 6 ECTS

The bachelor project aims for giving you a first insight into some practical issues in image processing and computer vision. Prior knowledge in these fields is not required, though it is recommended to take the Kursvorlesung "Image Processing and Computer Graphics" in parallel. The project consists of multiple subprojects, and you will work in teams of usually 3 students. For each subproject you are supposed to work out the background and then to apply your aquired knowledge in a small, well-defined application. Each student must present one subproject at the end of the course. The project can be pursued in German and English.

The following list shows the subprojects of this year. The course instructions (Image Preprocessing, Pattern Recognition, Camera Calibration, The Color-Space, Active Vision, Illumination Models, Morphological Image Processing) are licensed. To view the licence please refer to creative commons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/de/

7 sessions in the winter term, Thu. 2-6pm
(student groups may arrange individual appointments for the different sessions in accordance with
the respective supervisor, but Thursday afternoon is the default date. See corresponding table in the wiki.)
Introduction: Thu., 27.10.2011, 2pm, in 052 02-005
Location: Building 052, Laboratory 02-003/005
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Target group: Students of computer science, mathematics, physics and biology.

Contact person: Robert Bensch