Margret Keuper


Computer Vision Lab
Department of Computer Science
University of Freiburg

Office location:
I am currently visiting the Computer Vision and Multimodal Computing Group at the MPII in Saarbrücken.

Adress: Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik Campus E1 4 66123 Saarbrücken, E1 4 - Room 617

Phone: +49 681 93252017

Margret Keuper
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Previously Supervised Theses

Master Thesis: Multi-label segmentation on Electron Microscopic data using Markov Random Fields
Salem Dekelbab

Student Research Project:
Evaluation of deconvolution methods in volumetric microscopic data,
Emanuel Koziolek, winter term 2010/11

Master Thesis:
Comparison of Different Tracking Methods in 3D Datasets,
Katherina Renz, summer term 2010

Master Thesis:
Detection and Description of Landmark Candidates for the Registration of 3D Zebrafish Embryos,
Phillip Chlap, summer term 2010

Student Research Project:
Texture Analysis for the Segmentation of T-cells in Recordings from Electron Microscopy,
Daniel Huhn, winter term 2009


Guest Lecture: Active Contours and Surfaces as part of Olaf Ronnebergers lecture on 3D Image Analysis, winter term 2010/11

Lecture Assistance: Computer Vision I , winter term 2010/11

Lecture Assistance: Lecture: Fundamentals of Pattern Recognition , winter term 2008/09


Seminar on Current Works in Computer Vision Topic supervision: winter term 2011/12, winter term 2010/11, summer term 2011

Seminar on Current Works in Computer Vision Organization and Topic supervision: Viewpoint learning from videos, summer term 2012

Algorithms for Cluster Analysis, summer term 2010

Methods and Algorithms for Image Segmentation , summer term 2009

Proseminar: Image Processing Toolbox with ImageJ ,
summer term 2008, winter term 2009/10, and winter term 2010/11

Project/Lab Course

Lab Course Topic supervision: Comparison of convex relaxation models for segmentation

Autofocus systems , winter term 2007/08 and winter term 2008/09

Image Preprocessing , winter term 2009/10

Active Vision , winter term 2009/10, and winter term 2010/11


Workshop: Vom Pixel, seinen Nachbarn und deren Verwandlungen: Bildverarbeitung