Motion segmentation and multiple object tracking by correlation co-clustering

Margret Keuper, S. Tang, B. Andres, Thomas Brox, B. Schiele
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 42(1): 140-153, Jan 2020
Abstract: Models for computer vision are commonly defined either w.r.t. low-level concepts such as pixels that are to be grouped, or w.r.t. high-level concepts such as semantic objects that are to be detected and tracked. Combining bottom-up grouping with top-down detection and tracking, although highly desirable, is a challenging problem. We state this joint problem as a co-clustering problem that is principled and tractable by existing algorithms. We demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach by combining bottom-up motion segmentation by grouping of point trajectories with high-level multiple object tracking by clustering of bounding boxes. We show that solving the joint problem is beneficial at the low-level, in terms of the FBMS59 motion segmentation benchmark, and at the high-level, in terms of the Multiple Object Tracking benchmarks MOT15, MOT16 and the MOT17 challenge, and is state-of-the-art in some metrics.
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