Global, Dense Multiscale Reconstruction for a Billion Points

International Journal of Computer Vision, 125(1-3): 82-94, 2017
Abstract: We present a variational approach for surface reconstruction from a set of oriented points with scale information. We focus particularly on scenarios with nonuniform point densities due to images taken from different distances. In contrast to previous methods, we integrate the scale information in the objective and globally optimize the signed distance function of the surface on a balanced octree grid. We use a finite element discretization on the dual structure of the octree minimizing the number of variables. The tetrahedral mesh is generated efficiently with a lookup table which allows to map octree cells to the nodes of the finite elements. We optimize memory efficiency by data aggregation, such that robust data terms can be used even on very large scenes. The surface normals are explicitly optimized and used for surface extraction to improve the reconstruction at edges and corners.
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