NetCDF Plugin

Unidata NetCDF (website http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf/) is a common data format for scientific data. Amongst other features, NetCDF files can store multi-dimensional data of arbitrary types. The plugin uses the NetCDF Java Library for reading and writing NetCDF files.


  • ImageJ, plugins tested with Version 1.38 and newer.
  • Java, at least Version 1.4 (for NetCDF Java Library).


Download the file to your ImageJ/plugins/ folder. Delete all older versions, to be sure you have installed only one version at a time. Date is year.month.day:

  • NetCDF_.jar (Current Version from 07.12.12, uses netcdf-2.2.22)
  • NetCDF_.jar (Old Version from 07.10.10, uses netcdf-2.2.22)
  • NetCDF_.jar (Old Version from 07.08.14, uses netcdf-2.2.22)
  • NetCDF_.jar (Old Version from 07.07.02, uses netcdf-2.2.20)

Known issuses

  • Color images of type != byte will be read, but cropped to 8bit. No intelligence is used when original values larger 255 are found.