Kursvorlesung/Weiterführende Informatik-Veranstaltung:

Fundamentals of Pattern Recognition

The Chair for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing offers yearly in the fall term a foundation course in pattern recognition.

The course deals with basic methods used in pattern recognition.

First of all, its relation with the more general estimation theory and the most important applications are discussed. Then, the basics of pattern recognition are introduced, including the concept of equivalence classes, position invariant feature extraction and the characteristics of completeness and separability in invariance theory. In the following chapter, fast non-linear algorithms for translation invariant classification for grayscale images are dealt with. Later, similarity and affine invariant features for contour images are derived, and the mapping properties and computational complexity of these so-called Fourier descriptors are discussed.

The later part of the course deals with classifier design. First of all, optimal classifiers in the stochastic sense are introduced. In a later part, the solution for the basis of non-linear regression as well as learning theory is thoroughly dealt with. This includes the optimum polynomial classifier as well as the learning theory with neural networks operating with the help of backpropagation. In the end the so-called support vector machines are introduced, which is a new statistical learning approach which learns from the given training samples and has achieved excellent results in different applications.

Key data
Type: Kursvorlesung
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ing. H. Burkhardt
Time/Place: Wed 11-13, Fr 11-12, Building 101 HS 26
Exercices: see tutorials' wiki. The Wiki pages are readable after registration and login in the Wiki.
Beginning: Fr, 23/10/2009
Credit Points: 6 Credit Points
Winter Exam: Written exam: 25.03.2010, 14.00 o'clock, Building 101 026/036
Lecture Slides: slides from WS09/10

Exam preparation
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Admission requirements to take part in the exam
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1. Introduction and Application Areas
2. Basics of Pattern Recognition
(equivalence classes, position invariant feature extraction)
3. Position Invariant Grayscale Image Detection
(the CT class, parallel implementation, extension to 2-D case, effects of systematic and stochastic noise, clustering properties)
4. Position Invariant Contour Image Detection
(contour extraction, Fourier analysis, Fourier descriptors for the equivalence class of similarity and affine transformed patterns).
5. General Approaches for Computing Invariants
6. Feature Reduction, Feature Selection
7. The Optimum Classifier, MAP- and MLE-criteria, Metrics
8. Learning Strategies with Neural Networks
9. The Polynomial Classifier
10. Support Vector Machines

Tutorials are aimed at consolidating the theoretical insight gained in the lectures. You have to hand in weekly sheets of exercices. These are corrected and discussed in the following week. Exercice sheets can be found online.

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Lecture Slides
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Further Material
Slides in English (created in WS04/05, updated from time to time)
Video lecture recordings (recorded in WS02/03)
Exercices and solutions from WS05/06 and slides from WS05/06

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