Optimization and filtering for human motion capture - a multi-layer framework

J. Gall, B. Rosenhahn, Thomas Brox, H. Seidel
International Journal of Computer Vision, 87(1): 75-92, Jan 2010
Abstract: Local optimization and filtering have been widely applied to model-based 3D human motion capture. Global stochastic optimization has recently been proposed as promising alternative solution for tracking and initialization. In order to benefit from optimization and filtering, we introduce a multi-layer framework that combines stochastic optimization, filtering, and local optimization. While the first layer relies on interacting simulated annealing and some weak prior information on physical constraints, the second layer refines the estimates by filtering and local optimization such that the accuracy is increased and ambiguities are resolved over time without imposing restrictions on the dynamics. In our experimental evaluation, we demonstrate the significant improvements of the multi-layer framework and provide quantitative 3D pose tracking results for the complete HumanEva-II dataset. The paper further comprises a comparison of global stochastic optimization with particle filtering, annealed particle filtering, and local optimization.
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