Markerless motion capture of man-machine interaction

B. Rosenhahn, C. Schmaltz, Thomas Brox, D. Cremers, J. Weickert, H. Seidel
IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Jun. 2008
Abstract: This work deals with modeling and markerless tracking of athletes interacting with sports gear. In contrast to classical markerless tracking, the interaction with sports gear comes along with joint movement restrictions due to additional constraints: while humans can generally use all their joints, interaction with the equipment imposes a coupling between certain joints. A cyclist who performs a cycling pattern is one example: The feet are supposed to stay on the pedals, which are again restricted to move along a circular trajectory in 3D-space. In this paper, we present a markerless motion capture system that takes the lowerdimensional pose manifold into account by modeling the motion restrictions via soft constraints during pose optimization. Experiments with two different models, a cyclist and a snowboarder, demonstrate the applicability of the method. Moreover, we present motion capture results for challenging outdoor scenes including shadows and strong illumination changes.

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