Region-based Pose Tracking

C. Schmaltz, B. Rosenhahn, Thomas Brox, D. Cremers, J. Weickert, L. Wietzke, G. Sommer
Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, Springer, LNCS, Jun. 2007
Abstract: This paper introduces a technique for region-based pose tracking without the need to explicitly compute contours.We assume a surface model of a rigid object and at least one calibrated camera view. The goal is to find the pose parameters that optimally fit the model surface to the contour of the object seen in the image. In contrast to conventional contour-based techniques, which acquire the contour to be extracted explicitly from the image, our approach optimizes an energy directly defined on the pose parameters. We show experimental results for rather challenging scenes observed with a monocular and a stereo camera system.

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