Lab Course / Project on Image Processing I

WS 09/10

The department of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing offers a Lab Course on Image Processing in the winter term 2008/2009. You can receive 3 ECTS points for the winter terms lab course and another 3 ECTS points for the summer terms lab course (Lab Course on Image Processing II). Combined this achieves the 6 ECTS points for the laboratory course in your master study plan (according to MPO and DPO 2003) or for the project in your bachelor study plan. One of the topics of either Lab Course I or Lab Course II has to be presented in order to complete the course.

Lab Course I comprises experiments in the following topics:

In practical experiments, the students learn interesting aspects in the field of image processsing. Hardware and software components are introduced and algorithms for computer vision are implemented. The course complements the lecture Fundamentals on Pattern Recognition thus you do not need further special knowledge in advance. The lab course is intended for students of computer science as well as students of natural science. It is organised in five experiments which corresponds to 3 ECTS points.

Although the accompanying course material is in german, the experiments and exercises can be conducted in english.

The course instructions are licensed under Creative Commons Namensnennung-NichtKommerziell-KeineBearbeitung 2.0 Germany Lizenzvertrag. To view the licence please refer to creative

Sessions: 5 sessions in the winter term, Thu. 2-6pm
Introduction: Thu., 22.10.2009, 2pm, in 052 02-005
Location: Building 052, Laboratory 02-003/005
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Target group: Students of computer science, mathematics, physics and biology.

Supervisor: Henrik Skibbe

Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Institute for Computer Science, Chair of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing