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Former research fellow
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Mario Emmenlauer Dipl. Inf. Mario Emmenlauer
Address LMB, Freiburg (outdated):
Chair of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
Georges-Koehler-Allee 052, room 01-017
D-79110 Freiburg i.Br., Germany
Address Bitplane AG, Zurich (current):
Bitplane AG
Badenerstrasse 682
8048 Zurich, Switzerland
Telephone: +49-(0)176-23463809
Email: mario AT emmenlauer.de

Scientific Interests

Biological and medical signal processing, 3D and 4D (3D + Time), registration of large scale image datasets, fusion, spine- and neuron-tracing. Platform-independant programming in C/C++, templates, compilers, 64bit, CPU/GPU programming.




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