Eddy Ilg

PhD Candidate

Computer Vision Lab
Department of Computer Science
University of Freiburg

Office location:
Georges-Köhler-Allee, Building 052, 2nd floor, Room 01-043
79110 Freiburg

Phone: +49 761-203-8287
E-Mail: Eddy

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Download CV

Videos Publications Personal Supervised Theses / Teaching

Master's Theses:
Augmenting FlowNet with Real-world Training Data (Osama Makansi, 2018)
Multi Frame FlowNets for Action Recognition (Tonmoy Saikia, 2017)
Refining optical flow estimates with trainable nonlinear reaction diffusion (Nicolas Holland, 2016)
Convolutional Networks for Furneer Classification (Janosch Scharlipp, 2015)

Master's Projects:
Integrating Uncertainty Estimation for Optical Flow with Convolutional Neural Networks (Silvio Galesso, 2018)
Evaluation of Different Optical Flow Estimation Methods in Hard Cases (Zhishang Wang, 2018)
Package Segmentation and Fingerprint Matching with Convolutional Neural Networks (Bandar Al Shareef, 2018)
End-to-end Learning of Video Super-Resolution with Motion Compensation (Osama Makansi, 2017)
Evaluation of FlowNet for Action Recognition (Tonmoy Saikia, 2016)

Bachelor's Theses:
Global and Instance-based Hyperparameter Optimization for Large Displacement Optical Flow (Lukas Vögtle, 2015)

Lab Projects:
Determining Motion Boundaries From Image Boundaries Using Deep Descriptor Matching (Maxim Tatarchenko, 2014)

Formerly Tutored Lectures:
Compute Vision I
Image Processing
GPU Programming
Statistical Pattern Recognition
Fundamentals of AI
Digital Processing Systems
Operating Systems
Computer Science Basics I